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Agricultural Statistical Information System

As member of the Hungarian Official Statistical Service, the Agricultural Statistical Information System of AKI carries out its statistical data collection activities on food, agriculture, input materials and fisheries and contacts more than 10 thousand data providers. Quarterly and yearly Statistical Publications and Agricultural Statistics Pocketbook can be downloaded from AKI webpage.

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Market Price Information System

The Market Price Information System collects price data and information on turn-over quantities at the different stages of the main agri-food value chains. The price data collected include producer prices, sales prices obtained from food processors and producer organizations, purchase prices obtained from retailers and bakeries, wholesale market prices, and consumer prices. Fortnightly and weekly Market reports can be downloaded from AKI webpage.

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Farm Accountancy Data Network

The Farm Accountancy Data Network observes the assets-, financial- and income-based situations of agricultural holdings from year to year on a representative sample of ca. 2000 farms in Hungary. The system is mandatory for the EU Member States and voluntary for the farmers. Yearly Results of Hungarian FADN farms can be downloaded from AKI webpage.

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